Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi Blogger friends...that is if you still consider ME a friend...I've been a bad blogger...no leelee posts for the whole summer. Well I have no good excuse..I've been a lazy blogger but a busy Facebooker. I know, I know...you won't go there to play. Well that's ok...I understand.

I do have some good news...my stepdaughter and her hubby have blessed us with a new grandbaby. Michael is their first child and my 8th grandchild. I know, can you believe it? leelee has 8... count 'em 8 grandchildren. It blows your mind doesn't it?

Isn't he adorable???? I am spending a lot time with him..as much as I can.... since he is the only grandkid within a 20 mile radius!

Life continues to be good...thanks VE for the nudge..I'm heading over to your place post haste..to say hello. Then I am heading over to all y'alls to say HEY!

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer..

Love and HUGS!!