Tuesday, April 09, 2013

When I was a small child..I heard a message...a confusing message of family..of they way things ought to be..of love...and of peace....when I was 9 years old, I heard it more loudly..it was about peace...and love... as a young teenager during the Viet Nam War..It screamed at me  PEACE, LOVE... END THE WAR........the cry was from the peace niks...the Christians, the liberals and the hippies...the cry of peace and love.  It came from my parents and their friends who belonged to the Unitarian Church in Montclair NJ...Some of those folks were former Jews who...were survivors of concentration camps who still bared the tatoos of the camps...some were former Catholics..who lost their way with all the rules and regulations..and some ...from the Unitarian church who taught us that all peope were equal, no matter what their faith, their color or their creed...we learned about everyone...but mostly we learned about peace..and love....

.One of my fondest memories was from the late 60's...my Dad..a former Catholic...and a Sunday school teacher as well as a member of the church board, proposed that the church might sing as one of the  hymns...the Burt Bacarach/Dionne Warwick hit...What The World Needs Now..is Love Sweet Love..his words were..."this is what its about now..." truer words were never spoken..and they still ring true today...we sang it..and I have never forgotten that Sunday in Church..I thought we were probably the coolest church in town....I think we were...

I'm weary of debating where the world should be today..the laws..the rights...I feel we have lost out way..its really quite simple...

its about love..it always has been..and if we can get back there..then we will be ok....I love you

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Put a post out there after too much time and got a comment from one of my earliest blog friends...thanks you S for  commenting HUGS my friend

The sun is almost set here in So Fla...the weather is amazing and I am feeling pretty mellow.  Had some wine.

I was thrilled to see that m.y friend S commented and he is still some what active here...I've forgotten how cathartic this can be...feeling pretty happy about it on this mild south Florida evening. HUGS

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's been a long long long time

Has it ever....been thinking about old friends and what this blog meant to me when I started it.  I am reminded today of the start of the Iraq war 10 years ago and the conversations I had with fellow bloggers back then. And the on going banter that ensued.  I am feeling nostalgic...god not for the war but. The connections I made here. I still have friendships with some. And some are gone. And lord knows I have changed..but if you are a blogger pal and you happen to read this...know that I still think about you all from time to time and I am fond of the memories that we shared in this medium....you all got me through some tough times...and I am happy today that life is good. I am good although older and I hope wiser..  Hoping all is well with you all in blogger land. HUGS...Leelee