Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weekend Visit

Hubs and I took a 3 hour drive north to visit our daughter over the weekend. The visit was great and we were both struck by how mature our girl is in just 4 weeks of living on her own..there is a serenity and purpose in her we had never seen before. So proud of her..

Oh and she has some really nice new friends that we had the good fortune to meet. Here she is with one of them:


Paula said...

Well, how wrong can she go if she's hanging out with Sponge Bob Square Pants?

leelee said...

Honestly!!! How funny!!!

gotta love SBSP!!

puerileuwaite said...

Leelee, I know that you're so much wanting your daughter to be happy. And she LOOKS happy. But this guy is all wrong for her. He's a SPONGE, for heaven's sakes! Why, he'll sop up all of her money, and depart for reefs unknown.

Sure, he probably has a very believable story about his background, and what he's all about. But listen closely, and you'll realize that it rings hollow because it's full of holes. And once you tell him that he's all wet, he'll create an even greater distance between your daughter and his own heart (assuming that he even has one).

Oh, and how about his buddies? Folks say that you can learn a lot about someone by the friends they choose to associate with; sharks and barracudas, in this case.

Just be careful. His image appears to be well-scrubbed, but he's frequently in contact with the worst scum that you can imagine.

leelee said...

P...I just don't know what to say except THANK YOU...and also that you are so very clever..

The Best Jerry...the best

Sean said...

sounds like a great trip for you. seeing that she's doing well instead of falling apart must be satisfying as a parent and make it a little easier to adjust to the seperation... glad you got this.

leelee said...

Sean, thanks...yes it does make the seperation a bit easier..plus she calls me almost every day!! I'm glad she still feels close to us..