Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Song

I posted this over at Kitchen Concerts...but I thought I would put it here too. Enjoy!

The Band - Chest Fever


VE said...

Hey...I like that song. Thanks for sharing.

OMG, you've got to give me instructions on how to get audio on a post. I've been trying for some time. I have an audio post all waiting to go but for whatever reason I cannot seem to get them to play. Where do you host and then what code do you put in to make this work?

leelee said...

VE!! well sometime ago, I subscribed to the unfortunate part have to pay for it..and I haven't made the time to do more audio posts on my Kitchen Concerts blog (there are some great songs there though)so I'm not sure I got full value..It's not terribly expensive..and you can upload directly into your blog..then play around with the post after the song is uploaded. It's easy and fun..

email me anytime for help.


Matt-Man said...

Robbie, Levon, and all the other boys rock. Cheers!!

leelee said...

they so do Matt. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to to listen to all the great music I love..