Thursday, June 26, 2008

un-named post - Now named Steve

I was gone all day today...away from my computer...couldn't even check email..

I wanted to post something new, because I didn't want to leave you all feeling sad...or at the very least contemplative again today after yesterdays post.

So this is my un-named post just to top the other one..

Have a nice day


Jay said...

When I'm away from the computer all day I usually have about 70 blogs in my reader to catch up on.

leelee said...

oh that would be way to much pressure for me am I on your reader???? if so, consider me honored.

puerileuwaite said...

Very well, then. I shall name the post "Steve".

Bond said...

I gave up blogging since you never posted....I threw it all away

OH mean you were gone????



leelee said...

Steve it is...Thanks Pug!


leelee said...

sniff sniff...and here I thought you cared enough to miss me Vinny...sniff sniff..

HUGS anyway!