Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I thought this was pretty funny from the Wasilla movie theater

I don't often talk politics on my blog. Frankly after the last 8 years..I feel weary of it all.

So in continuing in that tradtion, I'll let someone else speak about it
I ran across an interesting blog while reading the news on the web.

I think this guy is a great writer and let's be honest...I pretty much agree with his slant. You may or may not...that's the beauty of freedom. But if your curious...check out:

Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics


NYD said...

I hear ya, Leelee. Like you, I grew up in an age were we believed that our voices counted. We gathered together to protest or boycott when things were unjust, yet now I am apathetic about the entire business.

Political blogs are, more often than not, sophomoric. I will visit mudflats just to see what an Alaskan has to say about the presidential campaign.

leelee said...

That's all I'm asking NYD!

If nothing else..he writes well..

I think you'll enjoy his take.


puerileuwaite said...

I'd love to, but here's the deal ...

You see, I've always been a huge fan of Tiny Tim and his ukulele. So I can only tiptoe through the tulips.


leelee said...

Pug, you have your principles and I must respect that..

However if you ever decide to disregard them....then go read Mudflats..


Bond said...

Love the marquee...Too bad Mama Mia was not in the "Death Race" position... LOL

McCain should fire the team that did the vetting on Mrs. Palin...

leelee said...

Bond - there was vetting?????

and LOL on the marquee...that would work too


Matt-Man said...

Are you making of Sarah Palin? This is just not right because as we all know, ALL women LOOOOVE Sarah. Cheers Lee!!

leelee said...

I noticed you commented there Matt. You know I enjoyed that open thread while the convention speeches were going on. It was real time blogging...very cool!

Sarah Palin is an accomplished woman I would have to say. However, I don't agree with her politics and I don't agree with her on the issues and policies. so I wouldn't vote for MCCain/Palin despite the fact that they selected a woman as VP.

I Like to think that I do my homework and vote for people whose ideas and IDEALS I agree with.

I said it in 2000, I said it in 2004.....


HUGS Matt!!

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