Friday, March 13, 2009

Time sure does fly! so many ways. The calendar seems to be whizzing right thru..its almost the first day of spring. This is a mixed bag for me. In Florida we revel in the winter. The days are cool, humidity low, windows are open..its great for being outside..enjoying every blue, cloudless sky day.

I don't mind early spring either. The tourists and snowbirds will be leaving around April 15th and we'll have a couple of months of quiet. The roads will be emptier, the restaurants available again and the beaches are less crowded and the weather is still pretty nice.

Once June comes though...the rainy season will begin again. We are in a drought, so its needed, but with rain comes the humidity..and we can pretty much count on 100% humidity until Novemeber. We also start watching the eastward skies and weather. Hurricane watch will really ramp up in August. Hopefully we won't have anything to worry about this year.

The brightest spot in this coming summer will be the arrival of our 8th, yes 8th grandchild in July. We are especially thrilled because my stepdaughter and son in law live about 25 minutes away. So I can really do the grandma thing more often and closer to home.

Its been a great winter, I'm back full swing at the gym and loving it. My family is healthy and happy...Business is is generally FABULOUS. I admit, blogger has taken a back seat to my Facebooking...(sort of like scrapbooking..but not). I just thought once again I would fill you in on my comings and goings...



Bond said...

Well howdy stranger!

LOL...I just can not get into the facebook...glad all is going so well with y'all...

leelee said...

HI!! Yes, I figured I'd lost the few regular readers I had here. Thanks for checking in on me.

The facebook thing has reconnected me with family members I have been out of touch with, so its been fun catching up with Neices, nephews, cousins and aunts.

I think though now that I have made those connections again...I can return to blogger..funny how I keep blogger seperate from my facebooking. Well save for a few special bloggers who know me in both places.

Yes, all is well here...that's a GOOD thing. I'll make my rounds this week..I miss y'all!

HUGS Vinny!

NYD said...

Your family get togethers must be a lot of fun and quite noisey to boot!

I also love the coming spring. The golf courses open in two weeks and I expect that both Blogger and Facebook will be seeing less of me.

leelee said...

NYD - we do have a good time..always a lot of laughter..and stories..I'm lucky.

Get out on the links!! enjoy!


VE said...

What was that TV show? Oh yeah, eight is enough... ;)

Come on back from facebook to visit once and awhile...

leelee said...

I will I will...thanks for missing me..

I am assuming you've missed