Wednesday, March 15, 2006

they're back!!!

they come in strolling like nothing even happened..

How'd it go?? I ask..

fine what's the big deal?? daughter replies..

WELL HOW'D SHE DO??? I ask with hands on hips...

She did fine..husband replies..

So I guess, that's one seemed phazed...cept for me...of course...


Mayden's Voyage said...

Isn't it funny...when we teach our kids how to act, how to respond, how to be an adult, and on the inside we wonder if the message is getting through? :)
Unsure if all we've said has sunk in to those thick little heads...were they really listening? And then we are so surprised when the big moment arrives and they carry themselves properly, answer with assurance, and give us that look of, "Duh Mom, of course I did fine!" :)
I'm still a few years away from the driving thing, but my son is wanting to learn how to start the car and wants to pump the gas when we go to the station. (***little comment here...that is hubbys job, filling the tank and I am grateful when he does it, but he is not exceptional about it--son on the other hand, he is getting a proper training from his mom!).
Anyway...I'm so with you on this post! Glad everyone made it back safely. :)

leelee said...

Thanks Mayden...I'm glad you can relate..

Those little baby steps are turning into strides...what a journey!