Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reflections of the 4th of July..on the 5th

Last night my husband and I decided to attend our town's annual 4th of July "Hometown" celebration at the beach. We really didn't know what to expect exactly, but we knew there would be fireworks.

Now, I've lived in this particular town in Florida for 15 years already but it still doesn't fell like MY hometown. I suppose it never will. HOWEVER....much to my delight..we found some seats at the beach amphitheater and a little lady was handing out flags to wave...then the music started (ok it was recorded but that's ok) and a terrific ensemble of performers marched out onto the patriotic costumes

..can you imagine a homemade costume of a walking Liberty Bell?

or The Statue Of Liberty..

Even Betsy Ross was there

in addition there were dancers with red, white and blue sequined outfits was absolutely marvelous!!!! They played all the old standard patriotic songs and I found myself singing I knew all the words...I learned all of those songs in grade they still teach kids :

You're a grand Ol' Flag, Your a High Flyin' Flag
This issssssssssssssssssss MYYYYYYYYYYYY Country...Land That I Love.. etc??

At 9:00 the music continued and the fireworks began...Newer songs like Proud To Be An American, American Soldier, Born In The USA, Ray Charles' God Bless America blared from the speakers only rivaled by the explosions of the bombs. It was a red, white and blue sensory that I will not soon forget. I loved every hokey minute of it. I felt like I was home....again. I guess...home is where the the heart is...feels really good to be an American.


JL4 said...

No...sadly no...I don't think they do still teach the kids these things. I was looking through a High School Level American History book the ohter day, and I was struck by the fact that they omitted pertinent fact or outright told falsifications of what really happened on critical issues like WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. This history book had the audacity to paint Adolph Hitler in a semi-sympathetic light. A man that killed at least 6 million Jews and untold numbers of vagabonds, gypsies, blacks, and homesexuals, they said in no uncertain terms was just someone "misunderstood".

I was fairly appalled, to say the least.

One of the most overused - and incorrect - sayings of all time is "history repeats itself".

It can only repeat itself if we are unaware through self-ignorance or institutional ignorance of the facts of the past. Then indeed, history WILL repeat itself, but only because of stupidity.

I think someone needs to write a book on history - true history - that our teens (and future adults, by the way) will read and comprehend. It needs to cover the Vietnam War - for example - in all its INGLORIOUSNESS, but it needs to be written in a way that explains BOTH sides of the issue and truly enlightens our youth - not baffles them. The same thing applies to what we are going through now with Iraq...the truth needs be told without malice or forethought...why we did it, what mistakes me made, and what the potential solutions are...

Who knows? Maybe I'm the guy to write it?

But no Leasaan...they don't teach patriotism in our classrooms any more...subsequently, they don't teach songs like "You're a grand old flag".

Sad, isn't it?

puerileuwaite said...

Betsy looks cute in her outfit. Almost as cute as a dirndl.

leelee said...

JL4 - perhaps you should be the guy to write that history book..I think you would do a good job of it.

Peurilewaite - I found a PEASANT WOMAN outfit I am thinking of purchasing..might be fun!

puerileuwaite said...

Leelee, this new outfit is almost as exciting as the dirndl! Please purchase and put it on ASAP, so that we can exchange the following dialog ...

Welcome to Medieval Times. My name is Melinda. I'll be your serving wench. May I get you something from the bar keep?

CABLE GUY(too into it):
Dost thou have a mug of ale for me and me mate? He has been pitched in battle for a fortnight an has a King's thirst for the beer thust thou might have for thust.

I'll be right back my lord.

It WOULD be fun!

leelee said...

I think you have actually had that conversation P...the way it so easily tripped off your tongue..or your typing finger as it were...almost as if from memory....

funny! I suppose there are people out there...who do that sort of thing..