Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another fun Sunday

This is the time of year when my hubs and I spend Sundays doing fun things. No football games, no baseball games, no 90 degree heat with 100% humidity. It's perfect weather for getting out there and enjoying all the local treats South Florida has to offer.

This morning early (7:30 am!!).. we headed down to South Beach for the bi monthly Lincoln Road Antique and Collectible Market. It's a super fun market with lots of cool things to see and buy. We actually bought some paintings for our shop.

In addition to the wonderful goods available it's also a great place to spot interesting folks and celebs... as a matter of fact, I spotted some blog all-stars this very day.

Check out Cabo's South Florida relation lounging just outside of Beverly's booth. He looked swell in his pink jacket. That frog knows where to be on Sunday morning. (probably stayed out all night dancin' in the clubs with all the models and stars..)

Not to be outdone by the frog the paparazzi spotted the one and only PUG..posing for the're lookin' good Puggy..

All in all it was a fun morning...and you my friends are never far from my thoughts. Thanks for sharing my day.


Scary Monster said...

Grriiibbit! Thanks for the mention.
What Kind of shop do you guys have there?

You not selling frogs legs and doggy snacks, are you?

Serena Joy said...

I wish I lived in Florida. I've been sleeted upon all day long. {sigh}

I love that frog! If I saw him in a shop window, I'd grab him up in a heartbeat.

Sounds like you and the hubs had a terrific day.

leelee said... are very welcome..I thought of Cabo the minute I saw that frog. We are in the fine art and antique buisness and have an shop down here..we love it.

Serena...honey of you ever want to come down and thaw..we always have extra room..AND a pool!!

We did have a fun qued some filet mignon and shrimp and just came back from cappucinos...what fun!! Life is good!

Serena Joy said...

Wow, thanks, LeeLee. I'll keep that in mind. Next time it snows I just might decide to run away from home. And I'll bring my bathing suit instead of longjohns.:)

Scary Monster said...

Me has noticed that you guys have been visiting NYD's place. He be a great guy and a dear friend. He be the guy who help the scary Monster with his blog and Photo advice. He be really cooL and me is happy to see both your beautiful faces over there.

Word of warning though, he be a nasty vicious English teacher and likes to yell at people, but don't tell him me said so. Tee Hee

puerileuwaite said...

Wish I were there. Oh wait, I guess I was! But what's that on my back?

leelee said...


I like NYD's blog a lot..he seems like a nice guy..of course I am partial to New Yorkers...he looks happy and has a cute family. His pics are a lot of fun.

SJ...yes...bring your swim suit..the pool is a delight.

P...I'm afraid that is a price tag on your back. and I don't know what the price was..because...there really is no price they could put on pugsly are priceless!!

NYD said...

Hi leelee thought I'd drop by and pay a visit to to your place and warm myself in the sun for a bit.
Florida looks really great. My Grandma probably would have torn the place to bits had she ever gone there. Went to your other place too. Lots of nice tunes. Will definitely be back to listen to more.

Pardon me if you will.

Scary you are an unmitigated ass! LOL. If you continue to slander me I will not help you with your blog and everyone will know who you are. Play nice, you little green pimple.

leelee, I hope you forgive the outburst, but that "monster" is uncontrollable

leelee said...

NYD!..thanks for stopping by...what a treat. Florida IS great till the hurricanes start blowing in...but until then we happily skip along.

Don't be too hard on the Monster..why if it wasn't for him..I would have never found your blog and it's a delight.

I hope you'll come back :-)

LADY LUXIE said...

hee!hee! to the pug...

I enjoyed reading here..lovely..thank you very much!

leelee said...

Hello Lady Luxie, what a nice treat, your stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed your time here, I hope you'll come back.

How can you not smile when you see the pug.

Reverend Sumangali Tania Pink said...

I always knew pugsy was a dirty dog.

Thanks for the laugh the south florida...wish I was there stead of soggy ol' london. have some conch chowder for me will ya?


leelee said...

Hi Pinks, thanks for stopping by. I'd be happy to have a cup of conch chowder for you if you'll promise to have some bangers and mash for me on your soggy london day. OK..I have a confession, I am a bit of an anglophile. I have always been enamored with the Brits, I have a couple of good friends who are ex pat brits here in SoFla. My Dad worked for the British Tourist Authority in NY in the 60's and 70's and strangely in all my travels I have not yet been to the UK but I long to.

Thanks again for stopping by. I shall do the same.

PS: Yes that pug is a special boy isn't he??

elena jane said...

aww, what a cute pug...
and i'd go here just for the palm trees :)

leelee said...

elena jane...thanks for stopping by my blog..:-)

I live here and am still enamored with the palm trees...they are wonderful!

Yes..that pug is really cute :-)