Thursday, February 22, 2007


I realized this morning that I really like to be called Doll and husband calls me Babes....I like that too...I don't think it degrades me at all. I don't particularly like to be called Ma'am, but that seems to happen more and more.

I'm no "writer" but I like to write. I have more thoughts swirling in my head though than writings or time to write. I always (usually) feel that I can't adequately express myself on paper or blogger. My thoughts have more nuances than the actual essay seems to portray. Could be I don't do it often enough..which is true..I don't get a lot of "quiet" time with no interruptions. and it seems I need that sort of time to put my thoughts in order. I journaled my whole life...seems I've just said it all already as far as my personal life goes.

I'd rather talk to anyone face to face then write it out..I enjoy people. I like to look into their eyes when we are speaking to one another. I like to look deeply...there is a hell of a lot of information in eyes and body language in general. I like to feel the energy coming off someone.

I'm not always sunshiny and happy (but I prefer to be)...sometimes I feel quite dark...don't we all, I just don't see the point of putting it out there for the world..I will talk about dark thoughts with my husband. I used to confide in close friends, but...that doesn't work for me any longer. I would just assume keep that stuff to myself...not stuffed down inside me, just keep it personal (unless asked)...I deal with everything that comes my way..I am a great "dealer" . Just for me though, I don't have the need to put it out there for the world.

Perhaps some readers wouldn't take me seriously because I don't post a lot of "serious" stuff. Oh well... :-) I blog for my own selfish reasons.. Daily life in this world is serious enough isn't it. I'd rather share a laugh, a giggle, a smile.
But I can hold my own on any topic of the day, I'd just rather sit and talk with you than write about it.

I've had many lemons handed to me in this life, but lately more apples seem to be coming my way. I don't let the lemons rule me any's all about Karma and what we attract to our lives from the universe.

It's beautiful here today..I'm going for my walk...HAVE A NICE DAY!!


paula said...

In your own little corner, in your own little chair, you can be whatever you want to beeeee!

Great! Another song stuck in mt head;).

paula said...

Or head.

Not Mt. Head.

leelee said...

Paula, You made me giggle with Mt head... :-)

Awww...That Cinderella was a favorite...and now I think that tune will be in MY head too.

Leslie Ann Warren..awwwww I wanted to BE her :-)

Scary Monster said...

Me thinks that you have no problem with expressing yourself on serious matters. The best way is to do it is with a smile on your face, a song in your heart and a spring in your step. Your posts have all of these things and more. To heck with the "writers" Me is here to have fun!

Wait up I think Me will join you on that walk, iffin ya don't mind.

leelee said...

Scary, thanks...and I've nailed it in your take on me I think :-)

SURE come with....this is the BEST WEATHER EVER and I love to have company on my'll have to keep up with my vigorous pace though..;-)

Serena Joy said...

Great post, Leelee. I think one should always blog exactly what one feels like blogging. The folks who may not care for it can go read some other blog.

I much prefer being called "babe" than "ma'am." When somebody calles me ma'am, I tend to look around to see if there's some grownup nearby. Then I remember -- oh, yeah, I guess I am a ma'am. LOL.

leelee said...

Serena, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yeah a babe is way better than a Ma'am

I'm heading over to yours right now..

puerileuwaite said...

I think you're a babe. There, I said it.

leelee said...

~blush~ THANK YOU this stage in my life..I welcome any and all compliments..(They say you need to START worrying when compliments stop...)


littlebirdblue said...

I realized this morning that I really like to be called Doll and husband calls me Babes

How 'bout "hon"? I often catch myself calling people--even strangers, or bank tellers, or little kids a the supermarket--"hon."

Oddly, most people really seem to like it, or at least, the ones I end up calling such stuff. That's old lady talk where I grew up, so I suppose I'm officially on that road.