Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh boy...I've been tagged...

My new friend and fellow Blogger Queenie has tagged me to list ONLY 5 blogs that I love...I love Queenie's blog...but I am not counting her in the 5...cuz she tagged me...and this isn't I suppose I will go with who I have been reading every day as of late..(disclaimer: my blog reading habits vascilate...sometimes I am into serious, sometimes only this is merely a snap shot of right now)

Don't Read This Blog - This fellow is very bright and articulate, plus he was the first blogger I ever started reading..I believe in I like his style

Why Oh Why Must It Be This Way - my dear Pug...he hasn't written in almost a month..and I understand..but I do miss his eloquence and wit. If you haven't perused his blog...go back in the archives..and please check out the lively comments sections

Me No Blog - me loves the Scary Monster - clever - fun - interesting and adorable

Parenthetically Speaking - This gal should win a blog award for great writing, humor and candor..I check her pages many times during the day.

Maydens Voyage - I found Mayden back in the beginning too. This Southern Gal has found a friend in me. Heartfelt and open...always something in her posts to touch my soul.

OH That was only 5...seems kind of sad to only list 5..when there are many I read often..I love and appreciate you all!!

Thanks Queenie Girl and keep up the good work on quitting smoking!!!!


Serena Joy said...

Oh, my God, Leelee, this is a hard tag! Only 5?! I have at least a dozen on my Must Read Daily list. I don't know how I will pick only 5. The only thing to do is put on a blindfold, put my finger on the list, and start saying "Eenie, meenie, miney, mo...":)

Scary Monster said...

Tag you back. No tagbacks!

You Took me blogs.
Now me gotta go make five new friends.

leelee said...

I know it's hard Serena (hence my disclaimer)...and we even run in similar circles. I am sure you'll come up with 5...but ONLY 5 is the hard part. thinks you won't have any is wondering why I talk like you when I write to you??

JL4 said...

Lisa said...

Hey Thanks JL4...I'm honored you picked my kitchen concerts blog... I'll need to update it now..


leelee said...

lisa = leelee


Mayden's Voyage said...

Whoops- you gave it away Leelee! (Lisa)
I wrote you a card the other day (to mail the books back- they should go out tomorrow)- and I wrote:
Dear "Leelee",
And then I just laughed...I knew you would understand :)

Hugs friend...and thank you, for everything. Be on the look out at MV- I've been working on a big project for over a week- you are in there :)

leelee said...

Ya know Cora, the reason I use leelee as my blogger name is because it is what my very oldest and dearest friends actually do call me..

leelee or Lis pronounced lease oh and there is an occasional lee in there..I never knew why they didn't just call me Lisa..~shrug~ who knows..

cathy said...

unreal queenie tagged me and I thought I'd check out her other choices. 3 of yours are on my list too.I'll be back!

leelee said...

We have great choices don't we Cathy???!! Thanks for stopping by!!