Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sad Day...

I suppose today is a milestone day. Not a happy one, but a milestone just the same.

Today we put our family dog Buster down.

Buster was 15 and one of the greatest dogs a family could ever have. Back in 1992, we had only moved to Florida a year earlier. Our daughter was 4, we were in our new home, starting a new life. One Saturday, my husband calls and says, guess what I got? For some reason..I said "a dog"! Not even a question, I just new he had found us a dog. He had. He found Buster at a garage sale, a 8 week old puppy. An adorable white ball of fur. My husband said the momma dog was there and her owners raved about what a delightful dog she was. He was reminded of a dog he had a long time ago, who was a great little mutt, so he picked our Buster out of the box.

We were all delighted with him. I immediately took the puppy in my arms and snuggled and cooed over him. We all fell in love immediately with the little guy.
He did in fact turn out to be a great dog, he trained easily and quickly, always had a sweet demeanor, loved babies and children. He barked at strangers appropriately and loudly, staving off any would be intruders, had they attempted entry however, he would more than likely have licked them to death :-) He was sweet, loving and adorable.
He will be missed, our Buster.

So now, the empty nest has gotten emptier..Dogs and children gone. We are determined though now, to move forward in our lives, my husband and I find ourselves back to the way things were in the beginning, within our home anyway, certainly not in our lives. We look forward to travelling (eventually), we are easily sated with a small meal on trays in front of the TV for dinner. We are throwing ourselves head long into our business which is thriving at the moment. We are closing one chapter of our lives and starting another. That IS what life is all about isn't it.

Rest I peace dear Buster, we love you and we will miss you.


Scary Monster said...

Hey leelee. Me not gonna gonna tell ya that Me knows how ya feel. It be hard thing to go through and most of us have done it. Put up a picture where it will do the most good and chill with yer memories.

Use the dog bowl as a planter and set it in the garden next to the gnome.


littlebirdblue said...

Sorry for your loss.

leelee said...

Thank you SM...your words are comforting.. I like the idea of the bowl as a planter

what does OTTN mean?

leelee said...

Thanks Little Bird..


Serena Joy said...

Oh, Leelee, I'm so sorry. I've been there, more than once, and I know how hard it is. I'm so sad for you. {{HUGS}}

leelee said...

Thank you Serena...yes, sad, but it was time..I'm cool with that...still hard though :-(

Corn Dog said...

Hugs to you Lee Lee. I'll tell you what a read on a card, "Heaven just got a little brighter." I'm so sorry. They are so dear to our hearts. IF they could only stay with us as long as we stayed here but they live in our hearts forever. What an adorable pup!

leelee said...

Thanks Corn...ohhh I love that card :-) I couldn't agree more...he was such a great dog...poor old boy!! Thank you for your kind words..


Mayden' s Voyage said...

The greatest tribute you could have ever paid him was to love him and ask him to be a member of your family~
He did all that and more.
You are in my thoughts this evening- I'm sorry for your loss~

leelee said...

Thank you Cora for your kind thoughts..

puerileuwaite said...

You know how I feel about this subject. I am so sorry for your loss. He looked like a funky good friend.

eccentric recluse said...

This is indeed a sad day. my thoughts are with you today, and with Buster too. Please take some comfort knowing that he is at rest now, relieved of the pains and troubles that sometimes accompany age for friends of his kind. He will remember you kindly, just as you remember him.

Scary Monster said...

Hi leelee,

OTTN = On To The Next.

Me likes to sign letters and emails that way to encourage folks to keep on truckin.

You be one of the only people who actually asked what the letters stood for. That don't surprise me none.


leelee said...

P, my friend, I do know that you have recently gone through this , although I think your loss may have been more difficult as yours was unexpected. We at least were prepared ~sigh~....doesn't make it much easier though I guess. Thanks for your thoughts!

ER - your words are so comforting, thank you for bringing a smile to my lips.

SM-OTTN...I like it a lot...thank you..and I couldn't agree more..