Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I see that the young star Lindsey Lohan has been arrested yet again for DUI..AGAIN being the operative word here. Is it only obvious to me that this young lady has a major addiction problem? This is not a star being spoiled or petulant, although I fear that is how it started. But her problem has sadly grown into a major addiction, and if she is not off the streets soon and in a real treatment program, she will likely kill herself or someone else.

Having has quite a bit of experience with addiction problems, I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, I have seen a lot of it in my lifetime. My heart does break for this young lady, because it's obvious that no one in her immediate circle is facing the truth about her problems.

Her father is once again on the talk show circuit, telling all how, she had a wonderful childhood. Whether or not she did is really moot, it's obvious that there are some deep issues in this girl's life.

Her mother has been out on the scene with her since she was a teen, allowing her to drink and party and keeping right up there with her. Drink for drink, party for party. How sad! and yet they wonder why she is behaving this way.

The rehabs she has gone too, certainly don't seem to have any impact on her behavior and to me they look like obscenely expensive spa's that don't allow drinking or drugs. I'm quite sure they are not working on deep emotional issues or assisting her in seeing that she is an alcoholic/addict.

I do know that no rehab or treatment program will work is definitely up to the addict to make the choice whether or not to continue using, but many programs will delve deeply into some of the emotions that run these behaviors. It's all about knowing or understand at least the "why's" of one's behavior, then dealing with it.

I'm troubled by's so frighteningly sad to watch someone self destruct..believe me, this I know from first hand experience.

I hope someone out there recognizes that this girl's days are numbered, unless she gets some real help.


Sean said...

we were just talking about this @ work yesterday, and alot of the pro sports badness going on. what happened to morality clauses in contracts for people in the public eye? or the days of studio actors/actresses who lost their ride if they did something stupid?

leelee said...

God Sean, you are so right's all gone to hell in a hand basket anymore..I just said to hubs this even..caught doping?? YOU;RE OUT..bye bye...see ya!!

see how fast it stops..ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! :-)