Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is worth reading...really

Yes, We Can All Be Insured

By Jane Bryant Quinn

July 30, 2007 issue - Prepare to be terrorized, shocked, scared out of your wits. No, not by jihadists or Dementors (you do read "Harry Potter," right?), but by the evil threat of ... universal health insurance! The more the presidential candidates talk it up, the wilder the warnings against it. Cover everyone? Wreck America? Do you know what care would cost?


LEELEE'S NOTE: I really believe we should start thinking like other industrialized nations that actually take care of their own people. It doesn't have to break the bank..I mean look how much money is being spent on rebuilding Iraq? Not to mention the record profits drug and insurance companies are making in this country.


eccentric recluse said...

I quite agree. The issue is not breaking the bank, it is already being broken, the issue is taking certain 'administrative costs' out of the loop for certain large and well-connected insurance carriers.

This is going to be a tremendous hurdle to overcome, the thought of doing something so indelibly painted in socialistic tones. equally tough will be to control the trend if this is successful. Too much of a good thing will ruin the whole deal just as surely as too little...

Think of yourself as being a sophomore in high school again, (and cut out that giggling---NOW!!!). Your assignment is to follow this issue through the election cycle and keep us all thoughtfully informed.

This comment will self destruct in five seconds.

leelee said...

You might have asked:

Your assignment SHOULD you choose to accept it.

But seriously, I will try to keep up with it.

puerileuwaite said...

Every CITIZEN (note the emphasis) SHOULD have access to decent healthcare. Call it socialism if you want. I call it compassion. But you have to legally contribute to the system in order to benefit from it.

One exception: there's quite a few pain-in-the-ass hypochondriacs* (* I DON'T mean folks with ACTUAL long-term medical issues; I mean the "attention junkies") out there who need to be reigned in, in order for this to work. State healthcare does not mean those f*ckers can expect to live out their damned lives in the medical center.

Rant: out!

Serena Joy said...

With the provisos that Puggy mentioned, YES, there should be socialized healthcare in this country. Most other developed nations have it and hasn't broken their national treasuries. I say stop declaring wars and start declaring basic human necessities for citizens.

Scary Monster said...

We have socialized health care working within a democracy here in Japan and while there are problems especially with the hypochondriacs (they just make yer wait longer) generally folks recieve excellent health care for about 10% of your earnings. That shit saved me life one time and got me back in the dojo on another. I get to choose where Me wants to go and who me wants to treat me, so me be thinking it's a pretty good deal.

Cool post leelee,

leelee said...

Pug- I see we quite agree..however..if a man or woman shows up at a medical center, with a broken arm or a bleeding wound or is having a heart attack...could anyone deny them care if they didn't show some kind of proper ID? I saw Michael Moore on hardball the other night..and a young man said care should only be for citizens. Michael Moore simply looked at the young man and said.."What Would Jesus Do?" Now don't get me wrong, I see how people who are NOT paying into the system could put a drain on it, which leads us back to the whole immigration debaucle. And round and round we go. But I really do believe there are answers and solutions to all of these dilema's. We have some very rational and intelligent people in this country that could certainly find some answers for us. The big question is WHERE ARE THEY? Thank you for your comment my puggly pal.

leelee said...

Serena dahling...I see we are once again on the same a matter of fact, I see my very loyalist readers all seem to think along similar lines..perhaps that is why we play at each others blogs. I feel the love.. :-) Thank you as always dear for stopping by and commenting. Catch the HUG!

leelee said...

Beautiful...see? Scary is a living breather example of healthcare for all in an industrialized nation...even Monster's get care in Liliput. They seems to be doing quite well over there if you haven't noticed. Have you ever checked out the mortality rates and general health of folks with a "universal health care plan" in other countries. SURPRISE..they are doing better than us..because EVERYONE gets care. Many people in this country don't properly take care of their health because they simply can't afford it. So when they finally do go or have to go..their care is more intense and therefore more expensive. Thank you for adding to this timely discussion Scary.

And thanks again to you all for participating..honestly..HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

NYD said...

Hey there Jersey Girl. Still doin the right thing, huh. Good to see that the fire still burns and that leelee will make sure that it never goes out.

I like the countdown clock. Is there any way to speed it up?

leelee said...

HUGS NYD..long time no see...shucks, I'll always TRY to do the right thing..and if I could speed that clock up..honey it'd be lightning speed already!!

I'm heading up to NJ/Meadowlands in Sep for a Genesis concert..that should be fun!!

thanks for popping by, hope all is well with you! miss ya!

Corn Dog said...

This is a long sad discussion that I've had many times. I should know, having had cancer and a brain tumor and thoroughly tested out the health care system. I have cancer buddies who were nearly bankrupted because they didn't have an HMO and "owed their part of cancer treatment." I had an HMO and had a bad choice for the brain surgery to remove my tumor instead of the best guy and now I'm disabled. Would it have happened otherwise? No clue. THe whole system here is f*cked if you want my opinion. And now, that I am disabled by the HMO's surgeon, they will send me outside the HMO to get treatment for epilepsy. THe people that make me really sad are the cancer patients who tell me "If my cancer reoccurs, I'm declaring bankruptcy."

leelee said...

Corn Dog, you should have been interviewed for Michael Moore's movie SICKO. You are a- THANK GOODNESS - living breathing victim of this failed system.

There are many stories out there of good American people who have had similar experience. Hell, I'm just glad you are here withus to tell your tale...some people aren't even that lucky.

Postive thoughts and love to you Corn, you are an strong and gracious lady.