Monday, February 11, 2008

New Post!!

Sorry Phos, you are tired of my last post about the Giants and have asked that I move on. Truth be told I have a ton of things to write about, but not much desire to do so. I've been busy with my work and my life and have been working out some personal stuff in my own head and with the assistance of my husband. He has been a terrific sounding board lately.

He and I have continued to be challenged by the issues of a close family member and have just been trying to work it out (again!!) I'd rather not go into details about that. Suffice it to say we are dealing and if it wasn't for the marriage we have, I don't know how I could handle it.

On the job front we have been undergoing some changes as well, we've grown out of a business partnership we've had for the last year or so and am hapy to report the split has been amicable even down right pleasant. I'm very grateful for that.

The positive aspects of my life are numerous. Our business is strong and profitable. Living in South Florida in the winter is one of the great gifts I have ever given myself. The weather is spectacular. We spent yesterday morning at the Lincoln Road (South beach) flea market. After strolling around looking at merchandise and interesting people we found a lovely table at an outdoor cafe and had a nice breakfast. My hubs and I really enjoy being together and enjoying all that SOFLA has to offer.

Friday we saw There Will Be Blood at the movies, which was an amazingly powerful film. Hats off to Daniel Day see that (not for the faint of heart).
Saturday I puttered around town and spent the remaider of the afternoon watching a chick flick love story I had from NetFlix. It was great. Yesterday after South Beach, I spent a couple of hours poolside with a book...and finished off the weekend with the Grammy's, which I found highly entertaining.

My life is full and happy and I am so lucky to share it with my husband.


NYD said...

Just hearing that you are happy with almost all things in your life and satisfied instead of being overwhelmed by the challenges presented to you is one of the reasons I drop by.
Always in need of a positive vibe.
Also, I am totally envious of anyone who doesn't have to drive through the snow to get to work!

leelee said...

Thank you for that take on me's appreciated. Some people may say...Oh...she is too happy or...what a pollyanna...but i think you nailed it..thank you for "seeing" me.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Life is so much easier when you team up on it - seems a rare thing when couples stay together anymore so that is great!

I like flea markets too, I can find all sorts of stuff I didn't know I needed!!

Thanks for sharing this, it makes me feel good when I hear about happy couples!!

puerileuwaite said...

I think I know what you mean (I'll leave it at that).

As far as the amicable split goes, it's nice when you can do that in business. I wish the departure from my partnership with the suits at Columbia House had gone that way.

leelee said...

Phos, thanks, by all accounts I'd say that you and Mrs Phos are a happy couple as well. It's nice when it all works out, isn't it.

leelee said...

Pug - Thanks (I'll leave it at that) ;-)

Did you really think that getting 10 albums for a penny didn't have any catches at all. I suggest you blog about that before you fall for one of those deals again.