Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I get the most interesting


From folks with the most interesting names like:

Gerwin Sjostrom
Laquita Terrell
Chara Floy
Stacia Cary
Febres Milderberger

and those are just a few. I know I am not alone in get them too. But this particular note caught my eye:

to me show details 5:16 AM (3 hours ago) Reply

Nei Ho,

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The order of the falangi, and the order of the for the completion of mahomet's religious rites. Otherwise. Finding his shafts exhausted, he became those that are already deluded. Thou must also to vie with superior rank and fortune, or fashion,like the crested kailasa, both the kuru king and a maisonmeublee, and heavy hangings, the solid highly righteous rishi, having espoused the girl, second town of the duchy,and had a palace here, from the beginning to the end of the great debates. Old and new testament to be the word of god, and go not,' then he changed his mind and went.he thy father devavrata, fully conversant with every were to command the wife to accomplish anything the places visited by him and the men known to.

Honestly I want to have a job that requires you to drop large sums of hallucinogens and then think up names and texts for spam. That is some major stuff...ok...maybe I don't...but still. Amazing. I'm thinking that perhaps VE wrote this. It's FANTASTICAL!!


puerileuwaite said...

The Order of the Falangi is supposed to be a Secret Society. Now they've ruined everything, and the exhausted shafts will NOT be replenished. Father Devavrata is going to be pissed.

Bond said...

Now hold on one minute here....who is sending out drafts of my new book?????

This is supposed to be a secret....

damn, now I have to just destroy the world and start over

leelee said... NOTHING sacred anymore?

Vin...I knew you were powerful...but not THAT powerful..make the next world illness, poverty and ignorance free will ya?...please?


elena jane said...

lol, milderberger....where do they get this crap! ;)

leelee said...

I have no idea EJ..but I want some


Jeff B said...

Sounds like somebody is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

leelee said...

Jeff, I certainly hope you are referring to the author of the email!!


Jeff B said...


of course I was.

VE said...

Ha ha. Yes, I could have writting this but the Kuru king is my friend and I never have any heavy hangings when dealing with him. I also never travel to the old testament anymore; too expensive in gas...

leelee said...

lol...for real VE!


leelee said... glad you weren't talking about me...hugs!

Queenie said...

Missed posts like these. I'm back if you remember me????

leelee said...

Hey Queenie...missed you!!! Welcome Back. I'll hop on over to you and see what you have been up to.

HUGS! girlie, happy to see you!!

Jahooni said...

Coming out of the dead and this woke me up?! What???

Matt-Man said...

Ha. It does sound like something VE would write. Cheers Lee!!

leelee said...


Where the heck have you been? Glad you are among the living..


leelee said...