Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Name That Tune

K...it's been awhile since we did this...so..put on your musical hats and guess away...YOU KNOW THESE!! and remember NO GOOGLING!

1. He had white horses and ladies by the score

2. I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds
Didn't get to sleep last night, till the morning came around.

3. Well, I built me a raft
And she's ready for floatin'
Old Mississippi, she's calling my name

4. How does it feel to be, one of the beautiful people
Now that you know who you are
What do you want to be and have you traveled very far
Far as the eye can see.

5. If your down and confused, and you don't remember, who you're talking to

6.She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don't matter if its gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes


Bond said...

1)Lucky Man

2) Friend of the devil


4)Baby you're a Rich Man

5)can not believe this one took me so long..."Love The One You're With"

6)well hell..I totally forgot today is Ruby Tuesday! lol

Bond said...

ARGGGGG I LOVE #3 and always sing (poorly and scaring little kids) with one of the refrains...


yup...I googled it cause it was making me nuts

Anonymous said...

Hi Leelee, I only got #1 :(

Still I liked the game.

Love You.


elena jane said...

no clue, but fun game ;)

leelee said...

Vinny, you're the wiz! But I said NO GOOGLING! lol...hugs...

Dave....as long as you play, thats what's important.

Elena Jane - I'm thinking you are you are too young to know these...and thats ok..I love that you're here..

#3 is still up for grabs folks!


NYD said...

Tried to get my comment in without lookin at the others. I knew Bond would be here and he would know all of them.

1. ELP's Lucky Man

2. The Grateful Dead: Friend of the devil

3. Mississsippi Moon???

4. I keep singing this over and over! I know the tune but I just can't get past these lyrics.

5. CSN(Y?) Love the one you're with

6.Ruby Tuesday. The Stones! Man, I can't believe they are still doin it after all these years.

Fred and Barney Wilma, Dino...and BamBam

Karen said...

Feelin' a little young here, which is nice since I turn 42 this month. These songs fall under "classics" for me. I still always try to play.

leelee said...

NYD - You're doing great...

I am surprised #3 is giving you guys difficulty, you are going to kick yourself when I post it. it'll be a real D'OH moment...lol

#4 is not a song one hears very often..but its a good one.

All the others are right!

Thanks for playing.

Karen - the words "Feelin' a little young here" should be used as often as possible...and yes these are def classics...I'm glad you come by.

HUGS all!

Bond said...

Yeah but I did not put the answer down after googling it...but it was driving me batty

And Hell I am young too...sheesh...54 is just middle aged for goodness sake...


puerileuwaite said...

Darn. I couldn't get to this in time. Okay, for the record here were my guesses:

1) Lucky Pug, by Emerson, Lake and Pug

2) No idea

3) Black Water by the Doobie Brothers ?

4) Baby, You're a Rich Mutt by The Beatles

5) Love The Pug You're With by CSN ?

puerileuwaite said...

Oh, and ...

6) Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones

leelee said...

I know Vinny and thanks for that!! I posted the song, just for you!

54? shmifty four...you are just right!


leelee said...

Pug, time doesn't matter...the important thing is you're here..now...

#2 is not one you would know...I do try to give a littel bit of something for everyone. I'm just that way



Hale McKay said...

Ruby Tuesday (#6) was the ONLY one I could come up with.

Guess that shows my age ...

leelee said...

Like a fine wine Hale...better with age ;-)

Thanks for playing!