Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been Busy

Sorry I haven't been here much these last few weeks...I've been involved in the election and life in general...



cyberhostage said...

Please tell me you're not involved in vote tampering (again). It would be too much for me to bear.

puerileuwaite said...

I'm with cyberhostage. We're counting on Florida to go legit, starting with this election.

leelee said...

Lord knows me too Cyber and Pug. Lets hope they (notice I didn't say we) screw it up again..

otherwise..I may have to move..


Bond said...

WAIT was there not a kitchen concert here yesterday????

Or did I dream that?

Hey, I just noticed you have Tina Fey on your blog!

Practically Joe said...

What? Involved with an erection?
Oh wait! Election. Involved with an election.
Okay. Nevermind.

leelee said...

Bond..yes there was...Jackson Brown - fountains of sorrow. I tried to edit it and lost the video...great song.. I'll have to repost.

Joe - HI! long time no post..lets not get into what I am involved with...but lets just say you aren't the only one with a happy healthy marriage ~wink~ lol..nice to see you again!