Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Name That Tune

Here we go again friends..tune in to the tuneage in your know these..I know you do! and remember..NO GOOGLING!!

1.You got your mother in a whirl
she's not sure if your a boy or a girl - Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

2.I caught ya knocking at my cellar door
I love ya baby can I have some more - The Damage Done - Neil Young

3.If you see something that looks like a star
And it's shooting up out of the ground
And your head is spinning from a loud guitar - The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys - Traffic

4.If I listened long enough to you
Id find a way to believe that its all true
Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried - Reason To Believe - Rod Stewart

5.Holly came in from miami f.l.a.
Hitch-hiked her way across the u.s.a. - Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed

6.Asked a girl what she wanted to be
She said baby, can't you see
I wanna be famous, a star on the screen - Drive My Car - The Beatles
Thanks everyone for playing.


JL4 said...

4. Rod Stewart....Reason to believe.

6. Beatles...Baby you can drive my car.

leelee said...

yes and yes..

good goin'

puerileuwaite said...

1) Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

2) Not sure

3) Not sure

4) Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart

5) Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed

6) Drive My Car - The Beatles

leelee said...

Yes pug... now 2 & 3..could they actually be before your time?? a few years can make a difference ya know...with songs and movies..


puerileuwaite said...

Okay, I cheated and looked them (2 & 3) up. Familiar with both tunes (love 3 in particular), but obviously not to the extent where they were etched in memory.

Jay said...

5. Lou Reed - Take a Walk on the Wild Side

6. The Beatles - Baby You Can Drive My Car

That's all I've got.

leelee said...

That's ok Pug. I do try to throw in some fairly "obscure" lines. Just to see who is as freaky about this stuff as I

You did good though..


leelee said...

Yep Jay...those are right..Thanks for stopping by!


Bunk said...

They're all from covers by Travis Tritt, I think.

leelee said...

Bunk! You could be right.... ;-)

thanks for stopping here..

Matt-Man said...

I knew 5 and 6, but the others escape me. Many things escape me. I better go drink. Cheers Lee!!

leelee said...

It doesn't take away from your cuteness though Matt..


VE said...

I can't believe nobody got the Neil Young song. It's #2 and its from Harvest...a great song.

No 4 is Rod Stewart Reason to believe but the Carpenters covered it too on their first album (how is that for obnoxious trivia?)

No 5 is pretty easy too...good old Lou Reed's Take a Walk on the Wild Side.

No 6 is the Beatles and as a Beatles fan, I'd be arrested if I didn't know that one...

leelee said...

Yes VE #3 is The Needle and The Damage Done. Neil Young

I can't believe no one knows #3. I'm waiting on Bond, he may be the only one who knows it..

I love your obnoxious are the master at it!

Bond said...

I am shocked no one got #3 either...

One of my all time favs...


Low Spark Of High heel Boys

as an FYI and for truthfulness, I woulda had #4 #5 #6

1 and 2 i struggled on

leelee said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I can make a new post.

Thanks Vinny!!