Thursday, May 01, 2008

Roger, Roger...Roger

Steroids?????....Mindy McCready??????.... and now:

The New York Daily News reported that Clemens had a relationship with the former wife of golfer John Daly, Paulette Dean Daly.

Citing several sources, the News said that Clemens made flight plans for Paulette Daly to watch him against the Angels.

Paulette Daly admitted that she knew Clemens.

"Yeah, I've known Roger quite a while and we are friends," Daly said.

But when asked if she'd ever been romantically involved with Clemens, Daly told the News, "You know what, I'm really uncomfortable talking about this. I'm just going to have to say, 'No comment.'

Ouch......I'd hate to be Mrs. Roger Clemens....Honey, get your rolling pin out...that boy needs to be hit!


Jay said...

If I were Debbie Clemens I'd be as upset about what white trash Roger was getting busy with as the fact that he was cheating. She probably already knew he was cheating. But, John Daly's wife? Where'd they meet? At the trailer park? haha ;-)

puerileuwaite said...

Not only that, but he also threatened to beat up an Amish guy in "Kingpin".

leelee said...

Jay....what can I say??

Pug - What an obscure reference..I had to check it out on wiki..and sure enough. I don't know how I ever missed that movie..but it looks pretty funny! I'm rentin' it


puerileuwaite said...

Leelee, I don't know if you'll get back to this comment, but yes, you will LOVE "Kingpin". I can't believe you haven't seen it!

leelee said...

of course I got back to this comment. They come into my I never miss one..

I love the Farrelly Bros. movies Pug..and honestly I don't know how I missed it..