Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures from my phone..

I've blogged about my fascination with the camera on my phone. I snap random images often..and I recently found I could even record video, but I stumbled on that and haven't figured out how to do it again. I don't know when I will take the time to actually figure that feature out....probably never. I have been enjoying photos on other folks I thought I would share mine.

My husband and walked past this pretty house in Key West last December. So pretty!

Awwww... my granddaughter Sasha when we visited at Easter.

My other granddaughter Lilia, just about made it through dinner one night...she's so cute!!

Here's the park I used to party in with my friends back in the late 70's early 80's in Northern NJ. We used to "hang" there in all types of weather. It's as beautiful now as it was then. Yes, we were obnoxious teens partying, but we always respected this park....and even the neighbors....honest!

Today when I got into my car after work, this is what the temp was outside! SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

My hubby and I passed this on the way to his daughter's wedding last Novemeber. We couldn't believe it. The Bat!

My daughter Celina and I had lunch at Johnny Rockets last week. The waitress put this down. It still makes me smile..I mean, how could it not!

What can I say...I know this is pretty random...but then am I.



Jay said...

That house is beautiful!

The Bat Mobile!?! That's even cooler than when I saw the Weiner Mobile last year! ;-)

leelee said...

Thanks Jay! I thought it was gorgeous, but then again, I am a sucker for Christmas lights..

Bat Mobile? sooooooo cool!


Matt-Man said...

HA. The Lilia picture is adorable. Cheers Leelee!!

leelee said...

Matt, she's a beautiful precious child..thank you.

They all are..all 6 of my grandchildren!!


VE said...

I would have followed the Batmobile and found the secret location of the bat cave...

leelee said...

For real VE..the only problem was..we were headed to hub's daughters wedding. I don't think she would have understood our being late for that soiree.

Bond said...

Great pictures..but I have to ask..what park is that?

leelee said...


It's Yantacaw Brook Park in Upper Montclair near Grove street and not far from Brookdale. I grew up in the Brookdale area of Bloomfield.

cyberhostage said...
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puerileuwaite said...

Sorry for the delay. Back to working hard and crashing during the downtime, I'm afraid.

Random thoughts on this post ...

1) I didn't know that a HOUSE could look "fruity", until your first pic;

2) Cute kids, and "brownie points" are awarded for their equally cute names;

3) Looks like a neat park to party in (not that Yours Truly, who has ALWAYS walked the straight and narrow path (wait ... was THAT lightening?), would know about such sordid activities ... ;

4) I need that car! Heck, I even have the cape and outfit to go with it! The first thing I would have to do with it, is chase down a certain blonde for going 52 in what is probably a 25-MPH school zone;

5) Is that what it looks like? A smiley face simply drawn onto a plate? Either Bon Jovi or the French must be running that joint. Please tell me you didn't pay for that! Heck, if people ARE willing to pay for those kinds of desserts, then Yours Truly needs to open a restaurant.

leelee said...

Now pug....would you say that about that house if it wasn't in Key West?? Huh?? whould you??

And I love the idea of you in your Batman garb complete with vehicle chasing me down...nothing hotter than a super hero!

As far as the ketchup smile. It was simply a funny by the waitress as we awaited our meals...yes fries were in the order. C had a thick vanilla shake as well. Me? I was good and had chicken bun..~sigh~

as always...HUGS 4 PUGS!!

jennifer said...

Leelee, all this time when I have seen you comment at Matt-Man's, I had you pegged as a thirty something. Your thumbnail pic does not say "grandmother" to me. Glad that I clicked through and checked out your site. Lovely Lady you are!

And your grandaughters are just precious.

Hope your day is good tomorrow!


leelee said...

What a nice comment, thanks Jen. No I am not 30 something although, I was at one time. ;-) That photos is from my 30th HS reunion last captured the essence of me.

Yes it is true that I am a grandmother to 6 (and one on te way) They are the children of my husband's daughter who is THE SAME AGE AS YOU!! lol

My/Our daughter is children yet ;-)

Thanks for the sweet comment and I hope you stop by again.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice photos! I'd be happy if my phone would just take calls once in a while.