Friday, August 01, 2008

Kitchen Concerts - Sweet Emotion

Once again Dan Neer of XM 40, my favorite DJ in all the world, turned me on to a very cool rendition of a great song. This is a version of Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion like you have never heard, by famed guitarist Leo Kottke. Now, being the music lover that I am, I had HEARD of Leo Kottke but never really "Knew" him. I am now a huge fan.

I think you'll agree that this is one sweet version of a rockin' tune. I've also included Aerosmith's version for you purists..

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon



puerileuwaite said...

It certainly was different. And neat. Geez,I haven't heard Leo mentioned for decades. Good find.

leelee said...

Thanks Pug..I thought it was a good find myself. I hadn't heard Leo either in years...really wasn't familiar with his music..knew the name, but not the music ya know?

Now I'm a big fan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, Leo is definatley kicking. Had to drop by its been awhile, Got my on weekly song post going on "WDAV"

NYD said...

Man I listened to both versions a number of times. Although I am used to the original, Leo's version was pretty darned awesome.

VE said...

I've been a Leo fan for a long time. That guy can play guitar...and we're not talking guitar hero here either. Nice alternative version here.

Bond said...

An excellent rendition....

Dan-o has always been one of my favs

leelee said...

Hey Dave, Thanks..I'll have to check it out.!

NYD - Yes...I keep listening to it as well and it sounds so fresh..I love that.. I just love when he sings the line " my get up and go must have got up and went" I love that!!

VE - Of course you are a fan of have very ecclectic and good musical taste...

Bond - I've missed you....welcome back to blogland. Yeah Dan-o is special and he still signs off his show "This is Dan-o Hoppin on my surfboard up the west side highway...Mahalo"


The Phosgene Kid said...

That was great! What have you been up too???

leelee said...

Hey Phos..

glad you enjoyed!!

Haven't been up to much to be honest...just doin' my thing..

thanks for asking though..