Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summertime....and the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...........

Ok I know my blogging and commenting are sporadic...but thats just the way it is during these lazy, hazy, crazy dayz of summer.

We had a great visit with the grankids this past weekend. I played numerous games of gofish, Blokus, The Game of Life (as if I needed a game board for that), swam in the backyard pool, swung children around like airplanes by their arms, played wiffle ball (I did fairly well),shared my extensive knowledge of baseball with my oldest grandson Pierce who is 12 and just started collecting Topps cards. I even surprised myself, knowing so many players and who they played for or were traded from etc... I think YOU'D be impressed. The weather was delightful in the Raleigh area. Mid 80's with low humidity and Carolina blue skies...yumm-o. I hated to leave. But back to reality I must go.

I've been playing around with limewire..having heard Janis Joplin today on XM 40..I was inspired to download most of her album Pearl. I love talented...and yet so tragic. I thought you might enjoy this timeless rendition of Summertime I found on youtube:

Other than that...just busy being leelee and all that goes with that.



Serena Joy said...

Glad you're having such a great summer. Love that video!

Matt-Man said...

Good Tune. I still love playing the board game, Life. Cheers Cute One!!

Queen Goob said...

I've been here and there myself - enjoy the rest of the summer, it's almost over!! UGH!

VE said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Yeah Leelee! Their weather sounds about like ours. Blue skies, sunny, low humidity. Our skies are crystal clear. But they say it might hit 100 today and the next three days. That'll be the first time we top 100 all year.

Bond said...

Video is 'wicked cool' (showing the 5 years i lived in Bahstan)

So...did ya take a new picture like the one you showed before you left...did ya...did ya...huh? huh?

leelee said...

Thanks Serena - Glad you enjoyed the vid.

Matt - it is..and I enjoy the board game of life more than the real version sometimes..

Queen - as far as summer goes...I am anxious for it to be over. The weather is so much better here in teh winter..but its lazy , crazy and hazy!! Looks as if you are keeping busy as well!!

VE - its not the heat that so bad, its the probably don't have that there. Don't fret it'll only be for a few days..

Vinny - I opted out of the photo as we are going back next month when the new baby (#7) comes. then I will do the photo with him/her included..
I promise


HUGS all!!!!