Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thoughts and Meanderings

Ahh the dog days of summer...I don't even know what to do with myself so I haven't been doing much to be honest.

Well ok, I have been doing a couple of things..

Hubs and I have been riding our bikes each night. We are re-exploring our neighborhood and like to bike to the beach as well. 6-7 miles a night after dinner. Its fun and great exercise. After we get home we plunge in the pool..we've really been enjoying that!

Lets see, this weekend our daughter turns 20 and we are all celebrating in North Carolina with our 6 grandchildren and their Mom and Dad. My step daughter is expecting #7 in September. We love that large family and love being a part of all the controlled chaos. So we are flying up on Saturday morn and returning Monday night. We had to work around daughters days off. I wish we were going a bit longer, but we'll drive up after baby comes!

I have been reading an interesting book called Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier, you may remember that he is the author of Cold Mountain. Its a period piece set in the Blue Ridge Mountain area at the beginning of the 19th Century. Very descriptive and interesting. The story revolves around the adventures of a boy of 12 who is orphaned and basically sold off to a man who runs a trading post on the edge of Indian Territory. The boy runs the trade post by himself and is befriended by Cherokees. Pretty interesting

Since there is very little on TV save for the usual drivel..I have been renting DVDs from Netflix. I am currently engaged in a great series that is produced by Showtime. Its called The Tudors and is about Henry VIII early in his reign as King of England. Its a great story and is punctuated with terrific costumes, good looking and sexy characters, lots of trysts and intrigue. Just my cup of tea. Worth a rent.

I am also totally addicted to Swingtown as you know. I can watch that On Demand , which might possibly be one of the greatest creations of all time!

Been doing some gardening....even in the heat. We have been growing pineapples and I have been transferring lots of baby aloe plants to pots around the yard. I am trying to incorporate plants that require little or no care from me. Works best because I get lazy about such hobbies as gardening. The pineapples and aloe can go a long time between waterings and pretty much take care of themselves. The pineapples take a bout a year to grow but man are they worth the wait. You cannot believe how sweet and yummy they are. If you've had them in Hawaii, then you know. WOW..awesome!

Not blogging too much, just lurking mostly and not even doing much of that..but I'll be back in the groove soon enough.

Thats all the news that's fit to print. Hope you are all having a swell summer.

As always....HUGS!!


VE said...

Well you've been busy! Explore bike trips are fun. I learned the whole west side of Portland after I moved to this side by taking a different route on the map every single day. In six months I'd ridden everything in a 20 mile radius.

Oh, you (yes you) are starring in my movie. It will be posted on Thu. I so so sorry for you...

leelee said...

Ha....really? a star?? lil ol me???

I don't know whether to be excited or scared..

this will be interesting!!