Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Musical Reverance

Yesterday as I was driving home from my job, I heard the unmistakeable strains of Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey on XM. I immediately turned up the volume and immediately called my friend to share the moment.

There are some songs, many songs for that matter, that when heard, simply reach into my very soul..they lift me up and transport me to a special place in my heart. Some are old songs some are new.

I received an XM receiver from my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas and decided to give the subscription a try. I'll NEVER listen to commercial radio again. The programming is beyond anything that is available commercially today and best of all commercial free.

At home I have a Bose Wave CD player..and a rather large collection of CD's. There is nothing quite like putting on a favorite CD and listening straight through. I prefer to do this in my kitchen, whipping up a tasty gourmet treat or baking something decadent. I don't allow anyone in my family into this special moment..for it is mine alone..actually they don't come close due to the fact that most times I have the volume at 50+.