Thursday, February 02, 2006

To blog or not to blog...That is the question...or is it?

Well thought it was about time, I did some writing again. I've journaled for myself and have been a voyeur here..reading other peoples blogs, but haven't taken that giant leap into blogdom. They say..jump in, the water's fine. So here I am.

I put a bit about myself in my bio here but i thought I might elaborate a bit more. I AM 47 years old and living in South Florida, I'm a NJ native and I suppose I will always be a "Jersey Girl" and frankly I'm proud to be. My perfect scenario would be to be a "snowbird"... spend the winter here in sunny SoFl and the summer up north, away from Hurricanes and the oppressive heat and humidity that challenges us here 6 months out of the year. But all in all, it's not so bad here. I would say it's more a suburb of NY/NJ than anything else..Most people are from somewhere else. The pace is fast, the food is good and the people...well let's just say they have that "edge" which I grew up with so I can handle it.

I have a terrific husband who I work with and a lovely teenage daughter, who gave us quite a wild ride from about age 13 on...thankfully she has grown into a more mature, focused, smart young lady. Believe me, it wasn't always that way. She spent 13 months in a program for troubled teens. It was as much a learning experience for her father and I, as it was for her. Happy to say, it was/is a terrific program and we are once again a whole and healthy family. She has been home for a year and is a senior in HS and planning on attending community college in the fall. May seem mundane to some folks, but for this child, it's huge, we had almost given up hope. Anyway, it's all good. Everything happens for a reason doesn't it. We're proud of all she has achieved and all that she is and can be.

My husband has 2 other daughters, one is 24 and is a High School teacher and studying for her Masters degree in education. His other daughter is 34, married and has 5 children and one on the way. WOW!! They are a lovely family. I am mazed by this mother of 5 who home schools and runs quite an orderly little ship. I must's rather strange to have a young child call me first..I never answered..I kept looking around for an old lady...then I realized that they were talking to me! I enjoy them so much because of course I am too old to be a G-Ma, therefore I am really fun to be with. My grandma was old with support stockings and sensible shoes. That doesn't quite describe me. But then again, I am merely a G-Ma by marriage aren't I. Serioulsy though, I am blessed to have them in my life and I could ask for better step daughters!

There..I did it...that wasn't so bad....


JL4 said...

Very good blog...keep it up. funny

leelee said... rather voyeuristic isn't it? reading other people.

I like it [evil grin]

JL4 said...


Sean said...

it's like jumping off a cliff into the water below isn't it?

leelee said...

Sean it is..and it's exhilirating. I find myself going to sleep at night with a million things to post about..and waking up with another million..and yet..I'm not finding the time to really sit and write. Job, home and family keep me busy..Oh and reading everyone elses blogs.

thanks for reading and posting.