Saturday, February 04, 2006

Who gets custody of the bed?

About a year and 1/2 ago we made a major purchase. We bought a Tempurpedic mattress. I LOVE this flippin mattress. This morning as I was luxuriating in it..prior to getting up and starting my day. I was pondering if god forbid my husband and I would ever split up..who would get this bed? I really would like to have it. I am NOT a materialistic person, I could care less about "stuff" and there is nothing else that we own that I simply must have for the rest of my life (children aside of course and mine would be past 18 anyway)...except this bed. Never mind that we actually shared the bed..the comfort of this thing supersedes all emotional connections. I'm telling you, this piece of NASA engineered foam is wonderful. Your partner could do back flips on this thing and you would never even know it. I swear it's true. My daughter had to see if the infomercials were right. She laid a towel on the bed (just in case) placed a full glass of water on the towel and proceeded to jump on the other side of the bed..The glass never didn't was in a word AMAZING!!

I even was wondering if it could be cut in half..he could have 1/2 and I could have 1/2. Never mind that I would now be sleeping in a twin bed as a single vibrant woman..who I said...this mattress supersedes all emotional connections.

Ah well..I need to ponder no more as the situation is moot signs of trouble in Tempurpedic-dom. Stay together for the sake of the kids??? forget that...stay together for the sake of the bed!


Sean said...

there's a line in a book that i like that basically says the secret to happiness is sleep, and it's something every soldier learns early. rich people have all the money in the world and all the stress that goes with it and buy all sorts of pills and therapy to help them sleep. a joe gets so tired he could pass out in the middle of a busy intersection, happy as a clam. i personally can't always do that, but i definately understand what you're saying about the mattress. it's funny, there was a thing on t.v. the other day talking about how horrific it is that so many modern couples don't sleep together in the same bed because of job schedules, etc. but there was someone on the show refuting them. saying "don't confuse love and a good night's sleep, they're two totally different, but almost equally important needs"

leelee said...

I used to think it was weird when I saw those old TV shows with the couples in twin beds. hmmm...they still managed to have children didn't they?? and they all seemed so civil to one another..perhaps everyone was sleeping

agreed...don't confuse love with a good nights sleep. Tempurpedic...THE BEST!

leelee said...

Sean I read in one of your posts that you didn't fall asleep right away...perhaps.....a foam mattress pad would help. You can order just the pad.

Sean said...

i sleep underneath a heat pump. and it's breaking down, so it's getting REALLY loud. no one else in the building likes it. one girl thought it was a plane engine. i LOVE it. it's so loud, it drowns out all the other noise, and i can't really think straight when it's going so i just pass out. heaven.