Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Winter Olympics 2006

I'm very excited the Olympics are here again. I love to watch. Especially since football is over and it's a couple of months until baseball season starts. I've always considered February and March a virtual sports wasteland (can you tell I'm not a Basketball or hockey fan?) Although I do enjoy watching golf on Sunday afternoons and an ocassional good boxing match if I can keep my eyes open. Yes, I like sports, yes I am a woman and honestly it has made for a happy marriage being able to watch and enjoy sports with my husband.

But the olympics are just something special. Men, women, young and old can get excited about watching and routing for their home country's athletes. I plan on looking for some of the lesser viewed events like curling and biathlon.

Ahhhh...the spectacle, The joy of victory and the agony of defeat. Can't wait!

"Neve": she is a gentle, kind and elegant snowball; "Gliz": he is a lively, playful ice cube. They are the two symbolic characters of the XX Olympic Winter Games. They complement each other and personify the very essence of winter sports.
The mascots were born from the pencil of Pedro Albuquerque, a 38-year old Portuguese designer who won the international competition launched by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in Turin (TOROC) on 25 March 2003. He was inspired by his passion for water and the incredible shapes this element takes on when it is transformed into snow or ice; by his research into the Italian spirit and the places hosting the Olympic Games; by the Olympic values; and by the technical characteristics of the various sporting disciplines of the Games.
"Neve" and "Gliz" reflect the spirit of the Italian Olympic event: passion, enthusiasm, culture, elegance, and love of the environment and of sport. They are the symbol of a young generation that is full of life and energy.


JL4 said...

Very well written...I personally like the speed events...

leelee said...

Oh sure..I like those too..but it might be fun to seek out those lesser viewed events..you'd be surprised at just how engaging curling can be...I'm serious..all that sweeping and concentration...it's riveting.

Sean said...

i have such happy memories of watching the olympics as a family during the winter in iowa. getting to skip church on a sunday and go to mcdonalds with dad to bring back breakfast trays for everyone to eat while watching (i think hockey). seeing the dream team beat the russians...

one of my favorite events is the ski jump.

JL4 said...

I also cannot wait to see 4,000 hours of figure skating...

Wait, that's not true.

Figure skating will ONLY be on if I'm watching on a Saturday afternoon and I fall asleep on the couch. At that point, I have no control over the TV.

Ahhh but when I awake again...zip, bap, boop, bash, whatever sound adjective I can think of for hitting the remote to get away from the figure skating....anything else will do just fine.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I tried to check your blog before...just so I could say hello!
I am glad you are posting!
So...Hello! :)
I have enjoyed "seeing" you here and there! Isn't this fun??!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
-BellaCora :)

leelee said...

Cora..hello to you as well, Yes I agree...this posting is fun..for me it's hard to find "quiet time" to put my thoughts together..

thanks for your kind words..



Anonymous said...

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