Monday, August 28, 2006

leelee's Lamps

We've been acquiring antique lamps lately. My husband is the antique buyer for our business and when he comes across a great lamp he buys it. I just love them. None of these are "Tiffany" but they are all good examples of 1880-1920's vintage pieces.
Thought I would share them.

Reverse painted glass shade on Bradley & Hubbard base

Thistle design leaded glass shade on fancy bronze base

Dogwood Flower motif in leaded glass shade on bronze base

Colored and slag glass leaded shade on bronze base

Colored glass shade leaded shade with diamond drop design on bronze tree trunk base

Glass vase base with glass fruits wired to frame with light inside.

PS: Hubs asked me to post that we are always interested in buying more antique lamps of this quality as well as any quality antiques and paintings. (Shameless self promotion)


Paula said...

Um... do you need my address? ;)

Those are fabulous!

puerileuwaite said...

They are nice.

leelee said...

Thanks friends...

why PJ do you have some?? We're buyers for sure


Paula said...

Well, I would if you sent them to me;).

leelee said...

Sorry'll have to find your own!

Sean said...

so how much of the stuff that he buys do you find yourself not wanting to part with?

leelee said...

SEAN!! Hello my friend!!

hmmmm, well the stuff that actually makes it to the house...pretty much stays. Strangely enough, we don't have too much here. We have a proper antique shop so most of it comes and goes from there.
Thanks for stopping by!!