Wednesday, May 16, 2007


How can one be pro-life and not be anti-war too?

If you believe in protecting innocent human life how can you not be outraged by the stories of car bombs that kill hundreds each week? Are those people in the markets not worthy enough? How can one not be outraged by this endless war..and our soldiers dying.

Why do I get anti-abortion emails and not anti-war?

Why do I see bumper stickers for pro-life messages..and not pro-peace on the same car?

I just don't see how anyone can be both.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one"

Imagine..peace..Imagine...then do.


Queenie said...

Well I must be a dreamer too.
Fighting for peace and Peace Force, must be the worst or best oxymoron's ever.
I belive all life should be protected, but not by killing!!!
Bless you leelee.

leelee said...

That's exactly my point Queenie..we had a candidate's debate here last night. And I hear this one or that one...standing up as a pro-life candidate..then turning around and standing up to continue this awful war in Iraq..and folks seem to buy into this oxymoron..I just don't get it. I'm flumoxed by it all!

eccentric recluse said...

you make a very good point there.

sometimes I harbor the fleeting thought that, (in the minds of some), that it is not the killing, it is the how and mainly the why.

in broad general terms, it is OK if it is done as a group action, or in a cause or situation that is condoned by many.

as an individual decision, it is condemned for many reasons, (many of them good ones), but mainly because it may be a threat to the cohesiveness of groupthink...

(did any of that make sense?)

Scary Monster said...

Me likes that thought leelee, but aren't you assuming that most people are intelligent, sentient beings?
Me thought you were giving up assumptions...STOMP1

leelee said...

ER, I actually did understand what you wrote :-)

Scary...STOMP! ya got me there...right on. I'm a work in progress!!

NYD said...

Hey leelee :-)

Girl it's good to come around and read your stuff again. Sorry I've been away.

Girl the 60's are gone! The idea of preaching love not war is passe.

That's why the same students who were protesting 40 years ago are strangely silent today.

Unless the drugs messed them up so much that they forgot all about it.


leelee said...


You may sadly be right..however, it still seems to me the way to go. I'm gonna live it till I die I guess. I just can't conform to a WAR not LOVE mentality.

Glad to see you...never apologize for being away...we all have busy lives to lead..I'm happy to see you whenever you come 'round.

HUGS!! and PEACE!!