Friday, May 04, 2007

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

I just got this letter in my people actually fall for this stuff?

Dear Friend,

I am Mr.paul leech Executive Director of the Hang
Seng Bank Ltd, taiwan.

I have a lucrative 44.5 Million USD Business proposal
for you, should be interested in executing this with me; indicate your interest
by sending me the following:


Your response with the requested information should be sent to reach me at my
personal email address

I shall then provide you with more details on this
operation when I hear from you.

Mr.paul leech.

I suppose I should send Mr Leech (c'mon now) my Social Security number and my bank info so he can send me $44 billion trillion zillion dollars.


Serena Joy said...

I get spam letters like that sometimes. I guess if nothing else, they're good reminders to us that there are liars and scammers all over the place, just looking for a mark.

puerileuwaite said...

I used to think the same thing. Now I'm on "Easy Street"! Thank you, Mr. Paul Leech!*

- Pug Puerileuwaite
Pug Island, The Bahamas

(* Note: the preceding was a testimonial by a paid** actor, and is not intended to represent any actual beneficiary)

(** Note: the Pug hasn't technically been "paid" yet, per se, but IS expecting monies for sevices rendered to be wired to his account)

leelee said...

Serena...I haven't gotten spam that hasn't promised enhancement of some kind in a while. I suppose I am still suprised that people actually fall for this stuff...I mean they must or the scammers would do it....right? scary thought.

P...I'm so glad you're back in the blog loop with one comments quite like you...:-)

eccentric recluse said...

I have been tempted to reply to a couple of times with my (former) boss'es info, but thought better of it.

Some, (maybe all) of these are sent to verify an email address, (lack of a bounced email notice is the verification), for purposes of selling those addresses to people who really do expect you to buy or buy into something....

Corn Dog said...

Hey LeeLee, I was at the wharf yesterday. We are out of bay crab. The crab they have is being brought in from Washington. I still got 2 anyway for good measure. Don't waste your time going to Ghiradelli Square either. It's all torn up and they are converting it to time shares. If you can believe that. Have a good trip!!

littlebirdblue said...

Don't you mean "$44.5 billion trillion zillion dollars"?

leelee said...

Thanks CD..

Yes. LBB 44.5!!!! :-)

Mayden's Voyage said...

HIs last name is very curious...
Mr. Leech will see (drain you) now!
Might as well go to Dr. Killem-
or be arrested by Officer Shootewe.

People are nuts, aren't they?
(Umm, but not me, right? :)

Scary Monster said...

Holy S**T! You mean me ain't actually gonna get any money.


Scary Monster said...

Now me be starting to wonder iffin that Spiify male enhancement medicine is gonna be workin...


david said...

I'm staring at that email right now... kinda makes me laugh. I guess it's the result of using the same email account for five+ years...

Queenie said...

Mmmm, sure I've had it in the past.

leelee said...

Mayden, that's so funny..and no my friend..YOU are not nuts ;-)

Scary...I don't think you will get the money from Mr LEECH..and frankly I can't believe such a virile (not viral) monster would need any enhancement...just MY 2 cents. ;-)

david..hello...DON'T SEND ANY INFO TO MR LEECH...STOP RIGHT NOW!!!! right? I was amazed when I got that..and you may very well be right..That letter went to an email account I have had for 10!!!! years!!

Ok queenie, now I have to confess that there was a time in my life when I actually liked SPAM too...why, it was back in the 1960's..I was a mere father used to make fried span sandwiches with slices of vinegar peppers on italtian rolls (we called them long rolls) Now I remember that sandwich being quite delectable...but I haven't had SPAM im probably 30 years..maybe more (god I am dating myself here)

But anyway..YOU GO GIRL!! :-)

leelee said...

please don't pay any attention to the myriad typos in my last reply..yikes..

Queenie said...

Yummy! and I like myriads of typos, it adds your own unique style:.)

leelee said...

I don't know for sure Queenie, but we have so much in common, I am thinking that perhaps we could be BFF :-)

Sean said...

just send your stuff to me...

my ebay account got hacked not once, but twice this weekend.

JL4 said...

I've won the Irish AND the Italian lotteries in the past 7 days alone. Plus I now have 16 different ways to achieve an erection, mostly through the use of Canadian pharmacies. My dog will now be rescued with the use of a microchip placed in his when my little four-legged 96 year old in dog years canine wanders off, I'll be able to find him easily.

Ummmmm...there he is...he's in the other room. Whew! That was a long walk for him. He must be exhausted. Thank you so much, Pet-Finder-Chip-installing people.

Scary Monster said...

Me love SPAM! Both types.

leelee said...

Sean NO!...I'm so sorry to hear that. I do hope you are not clicking links any emails that appear to be from ebay...they are phishing... If you need to get into ebay always go to the home page and log in there....but I'm sure you know that.

JL4, there is so much interesting and provacative information in your reply..I don't know whether to ask you for a loan or for a_____....nevermind... lol

Scary, I knew you were a spam fancier..I just knew it.