Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Name That Tune

We had some fun with this last week, so I thought we'd give it another go round. Remember..NO GOOGLING! :-)

1. Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazón
Mundo paparazzi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol
Presto OBRIGADO tanta mucho cake and eat it carousel

2. Trouble ahead, lady in red,
Take my advice you'd be better off dead.

3. Sally, take my hand
We'll travel south cross land

4. Too many mountains, and not enough stairs to climb
Too many churches and not enough truth

5. Picket lines and picket signs
Don't punish me with brutality

6. Every morning when I wake, a feeling soon begins to overtake me.


Queen Goob said...

....I suck. And can I tell you how difficult this is to a google-whore?!?!?!?!

Matt-Man said...

They always sound familiar but I can never get any of them. Cheers!!

leelee said...

Queen...being one I totally understand. Let the lines stew a bit..

Matt- Same advice. You do know them...


VE said...

Ok, I won't spoil them...I'll contribute one: No 4 is the Guess Who...Undone.

leelee said...

#4 Guess who - undun


puerileuwaite said...

I LOVE this game! And you are one sexy host. Okay, here goes ...

1) For some reason, I'm thinking of "Felice Navidad" by Jose Feliciano

But as a backup, it could also possibly be "Besame Mucho" (covered by The Beatles on more than one occasion)

2) "Casey Jones" by The Grateful Dead

3) "Baba O'Reilly" by The Who

4) I know NOW (courtesy of ve) that it's from "Undun" by The Guess Who ... I was thinking this had to be a reggae tune, and would have opted for "Many Rivers to Cross" by Jimmy Cliff

5) For this one, I'm going with "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

6) No idea. So I'm going out on a limb with my guess that it's from "Woke Up With Wood" by ZZ Top

Who hugs ya, baby?

leelee said...

You did well my pugsly..except for 1 and 6

oh and YOU hug me..


Jeff B said...

I seriously suck twinkies when it comes to these!

Bond said...

Man... how did I miss stopping here yesterday...

Pugsly got them all but 1 & 6... #6 is the incomparable Mr. Eric Clapton... Slowhand

#1 .. well... you have to be a huge fan of the Fab 4 for that one...Sun King....

leelee said...

I was looking for you Bond. I kinda figured you'd know them..most anyway..Like pug.

Yes Sun King. That song has a lot of good memories for me..and yes, I am a huge fan...apparently you are as well

and Yes on 6 Mr Clapton - specifically the song title - The Core.

Thanks..I've already been amassing more for next time.

Thanks for playing along..


leelee said...

Thanks everyone....even if you didn't know them I always appreciate you stopping by..

HUGS all!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd've been walking out the door with a pat on the back and a version of the home game after the first round on that game show. As much as I love music, and I do, I am terrible about who wrote what.

That would make a great party game. Hug, hug!

leelee said...

Phos, you'd be walking out with a HUG from me..


VE said...

Doh...somebody got Sun King. I was hoping to swing by later and do that one. I can't believe I didn't know the Eric C. one. Damn I hate me...

leelee said...

ya gotta post 'em when you know 'em VE, Thanks for playing..and "don't hate"