Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baseball, College & Politics

That's what has been keeping me from posting much lately, I can't get my thoughts in order. We've been watching our Marlins, you know the Florida team that has won 2 world series? and are right there in the wild card race? but no one seems to go to the games but us?

Our 18 year old daughter has FINALLY decided that she'd like to go to school, out of town in January, so we've been busy with that. I'm super happy that she has made this choice.

AND..politics is so interesting right now..what with the election coming in Nov.

Anyway, thanks for checking in, sorry there hasn't been much interesting from me..


puerileuwaite said...

That's okay. Everyone has those lulls. The Marlins came out of nowhere with their win streak (I recall hearing on ESPN that they're only the second team ever to reach .500 after being 20 down in the same season.). It's unfortunate that the fans down there don't support them (you and hubby excepted). I'd be at the games all the time.

leelee said...

YES PW, we happen to be at teh game on Sunday when they made that historical mark! GO MARLINS!

We try to go often but darn it all, they play at a football stadium and it can be HOT, rainy and uncomfortable. If they EVER get a proper stadium, I think the fans will come more often.