Sunday, September 30, 2007's me

Quickly...I'm back from a mini leelee vacation...went to NJ/PA for teh weekend..the weather was perfect..the friends were great...I had a flipping blast!!

Saw Genesis at Giants Stadium on Thursday night...

View From My seat way up high!!

A fan's vid...way down low...


Spent the remainder of the weekend with my bestest friends in all the world..
We took tons of pictures'll take me some time to get that together...

But here's a camera phone pic of leelee at one of my old hangouts in Montclair NJ.. We revisited old spots and had fun talking about all the memories..

They say you can't go home...but...sometimes I think you can... :-)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Thats fantastic!! I stayed home and cleaned the house. My life is shit...

Anyway, self pity aside glad you got to see your friends and have a hoot, that must have been a nice break!!

leelee said...


your life is NOT shit..say it with me

"MY life is not life is not shit"

That's what I do..then I get on a plane!


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs to you- got your note- I'm off line for a while but I hope to reply to you soon-
Thank you for being so dear :)

leelee said...

Aww Mayden...take all the time you need...we'll be here when you get back..and remember..if you need a friend...I'm here.


Serena Joy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, girlie. Good for you! That's a great picture of you.:)

elena jane said...

oh what fun, and you had a great weekend for it!! did you wave to me when you drove thru PA?
funny ole world, dh's college friend is from around montclair and after many years of seraching found the love of his life in california. only it turned out she was from montclair!! :)

leelee said...

Thanks Serena..we really did have fun!!

Elena Jane..I love that story, what a small world..we were in NE PA in the poconos..oh what beautiful weather last weekend...a real delight!! Thanks for stopping by!!


puerileuwaite said...

Neat. You've still got it goin' on. Wish I had been there.

But I beg to differ.

When they say you can't go home again in MY case, there's actually a town ordinance in place. Which makes it less of a sad reflection, and more of a cruel, legally-binding reality.

leelee said...'d have been great if you were there..the band sounded great. You would have enjoyed the town.

Sorry to hear about that oridinance...that sucks. Oh well, you know what they say..home is where the pug is.