Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a great weekend so far..and it's only Sunday afternoon

...and here I sit in my comfy chair with my feet up watching football with my honey.

My husband asked me on Thursday if I wanted to go up to the Orlando area for the weekend. We are antique dealers and there was an antique fair up in Mt Dora. Mt Dora is a lovely picturesque town a bit North and West of Orlando. The charming little burg sits lakeside and is filled with B & B's , cafe's and shops. Note to Orlando area readers: GO THERE if you haven't discovered it yet..I think it is probably lovely at Christmas time. We spent friday night there, had a great dinner and just really enjoyed our quiet time together. Saturday we went to the antique fair and finished that up by 11 (we're early risers) and headed to Epcot at Disney.

Not crowded but extremely hot and humid. There is a bright spot about Disney in the off season...NO LINES..if you can handle the heat, the parks are really fun. We saw the entire park, went to all the good attractions and never waited more that 10 minutes for anything.

There is a quality to our life now, that I just feel so grateful for. My husband and I have been together for 22 years..and of course like all couples, you go through good times and bad times, exciting times and boring times. We work together, live together and play together. I don't know how many couples can do that, but we seem to have figured out the formula.

In any case, I won't bore you all with the really has been a great weekend..and it's only Sunday afternoon!


The Phosgene Kid said...

I like it is a small world. I toss cheetoes at the different nationalities and see if I can get any to stick. Pretty funny.

leelee said... WOULD be fun to see that!!

Scary Monster said...

The Vixen and I also seem to be in a similar situation. Live, work and play together alla time. Many friends wonder how we keep our sanity and Me just gotta tell them that iffin more married folks spent more time together they'd understand each other a whole lot better and that would make things more solid, not stressful.

Of course there are times, like this weekend, where we take a vacation from each other as well.


leelee said...

I can dig that Scary..I too take little breaks here and a matter of fact I am heading to NY at the end of the month to hang out with old friends...pre-hubby friends. It's good for us to be together, but it's also good to take a mini-break..


The Phosgene Kid said...

Mrs. Phos always says the only reason we are still together rs all the time I was TDY.

leelee said...

TDY Phos???

I probably should know what that stands for....but I don't

Sean said...

i like this post. glad you've got that quality. :)

leelee said...

Sean..thank you for that comment..I'm smiling from ear to ear..