Friday, April 25, 2008

Like a kid again

I had forgotten how freeing it is to get on a bicycle and just peddle away. I just came back from my 5 mile ride through my neighborhood. I absolutely love riding my bike..I feel like a kid again when I am tooling around. The wind in my hair..the sun shining, the birds singing. Why I tell you it's just wonderful. I even have a Hello Kitty bell and streamers. I'm thinking I definitely need a basket in the front with flowers on it.

My husband "won" this bike at a garage sale. The woman had a contest whoever spent the most at her sale, would win this practically new beach cruiser complete with bell and streamers. He spent $40 at her sale, which is A LOT for a garage sale and hence we are the proud owners of the bike.

It's been sitting in the shed for like a year, but lately I've decided to take her out. Now I am addicted to it. I always rode a bike growing was my main mode of transportation when I was a kid. See, back in the day, our Moms didn't drive us everywhere. All friends and most activities were either a short walk or a bike ride away. We were so free to come and go as we pleased.and we did. Summertime was an invitation to leave the house at 8..come back at 12 for lunch and leave again until 5. Friends homes provided bathroom and koolaid breaks. The streets were safe and the days long and sunny. No cares...can you imagine allowing your kid today to leave your home on foot or bike for 4 hours at a stretch? No cell idea where they are? What a shame that those halcyon days are gone.

In any case. just some ramblings...TGIF my friends and have a glorious weekend. The weather continues to be awesome here, so I will head to the beach for my weekend respite. Have a good one..



Jeff B said...

Wow, talk about memory lane. (riding bikes that is, not the streamers and flower basket)

My buds and I would, like you, ride for hours on end and feel perfectly safe doing it.

Nice that you're able to get back out and enjoy it once again.

leelee said...'s great Jeff, I'm lovin' it.


Kimmie said...

Hi Leelee,
I just loved your story! You may have changed my mind on a pressing subject.

My hubby wants to buy me a three wheel bicycle but so far I haven't let him. I have severe RA and my balance is as strong as it used to be. Because of my silly embarassment issues, I have been putting him off. I guess I should be rejoicing, my other option is my little motorized GoGo that I have not had to use to get around for the past year. I only need a cane to keep my balance now, and it is a pretty one at that! (It has little kitty faces all over it).
What I was trying to say here was this...the description you gave of how your feel on your bike rides makes me want the same feelings again. The wind in my hair, the feeling of freedom, etc. Thank You Leelee, you have given me Hope at yet another big step in my walk to wellness. Bless your heart.
P.S. I am 49 also! ;-) My BD isn't until January though.

Kimmie said...

Oh Goodness, tons of typing errors. Sorry!

I forgot to say that when the time comes, I am going to have to go find me some adorable little streamers and a bell also! ;-)

leelee said...

Hi Kimmie,

I have to say that is one of the nicest comments I have ever received on my blog. I'm glad my little story touched your heart. I say if hubby wants to buy you a 3 wheeler, you let him..honey at this point in life WHO CARES what anyone thinks. I'd bet they'll see you riding and they'll want to do it too. Go for it and get some streamers and a bell YEAH!!. I bet it'll make you feel like a kid again, plus all the health benefits.



puerileuwaite said...

You have the bike and are getting the basket, so I think it's time you learned responsibility by having your own paper route.

leelee said...

Ya think Dad? Ya really think so???

HUGS 4 Pugs!