Friday, April 25, 2008

Where do they find them??

Hanley Ramirez, #2-SS of the FLORIDA MARLINS is listed today as the #1 hitter in MLB:





Ht: 6' 3" Wt: 200 Bats: R Throws: R
Age: 24 Born: 12/23/1983, Samana, DR
Salary: $439,000
College: None
Debut: 2005

Once again the Marlins are a perfect breeding ground for some of baseballs latest and greatest..can we please get a stadium???? PLEASE????????????? HELLO IS ANYBODY OUT THERE??????


Jay said...

He'll have a great career in Boston after they trade him for "prospects" later this year or during the off-season. ;-)

Okay, that was mean. But, if the Marlins would just keep all of these amazing players they develop from their system they would be amazing!

Bond said...

Sorry Jay...he is Pinstripe material!

But I do agree...the marlins are run by one of the worst ownerships in baseball...they want so much but do not spend enough. With all the tax dollars these 'smaller' teams get from teams like the Sox and Yankees and etc etc...the money goes into the owners pockets and is not spent to better the teams WHICH IS WHY THE MONEY IS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE...

So, I have a hard time feeling sorry for those owners who are stingy...the fans on the other hand I do feel badly for.

leelee said...

Hi Jay, thanks for stopping by..yes I am afraid you are right, if they would just hold on to these guys we could win ANOTHER World Series...we have 2 so far!


leelee said...

Vinny it's obvious you pay attention to all things Baseball, you have hit nail on the head in ref to my marlins ..its not about the fans..its only about the ownership...I can't tell you how much that hurts..

That being said, I have had the great fortune to have seen some of todays greatest pictchers (beckett, Petite, Willis) Hitters (Cabrera,Lowell, Sheffield, etc.) and other players, who have been a true glory to behold. As a lover of Baseball I do appreciate having seen these atheletes live an in'll take what I can..I guess.


VE said...

I've had the runs at least 20 times in my life...can I get the $439K salary?

leelee said...

Dang VE, that was way more information than I needed..


HUGS anyway!

Jeff B said...

At least you have baseball there. In Portland, OR the stats barely make the back page of the paper. The city did entertain the idea of bringing a team here back when the Expos moved, but it never got much further than a discussion.

Does that ruddy little turd Heizinga (sp?) still own the Marlins? If so, I completely understand why the fans are suffering.

leelee said...

Hey jeff,

Nah..Huizenga sold the team after he got his WS Ring for his trophy case. The presnt owner seems to be only about profit as well. But the weird thing is..they keep winning. Right now Marlins are #1 in NL East..ok so it's only April..but still...they do seem to have a knack for finding great kids. So..its still fun to watch them..most of the time ;-)

I love baseball!

Jahooni said...


just kidding. okay.. maybe not. Wait isn't their uniform a cute aqua color, right?

Matt-Man said...

439K? What a steal. Cheers Leelee!!

leelee said...

Ha Jahooni...yes, their uniforms are really pretty. Welcome home!



leelee said...

For real Matt...truly.

HUGS my friend!!

puerileuwaite said...

I hear there's one in Oklahoma City ...

leelee said...

HUGS 4 PUGS!! I've missed you!!