Thursday, March 22, 2007


Like any good hostess should...I'd like to welcome two new guests who visited my blog:

The Phosgene Kid



Scary Monster said...

Mayden just announcet that me be coming your way.
This be outrageous! Me gonna be in Florida and Hawaii at the same time!!

What a vacation this is gonna be.
Dont forget the rice and beans LOL

Expext strange things from Waikiki

Stompya later.

leelee said...

This is so exciting..oh I have BIG plans for SCARY!!

You are certainly one lucky monster...2 tropical vacations at the same time. AMAZING!!

Mahalo aloha scary

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hey Leelee!
I got your package in the mail right after I had taken your "package" to the post office!
I can not wait to read the books- Thank you SO much...
I felt like you were here with me all day today :)

Hope you have a great weekend- and that the Monster arrives at your place early next week~

-Cora :)

leelee said...

Oh Cora..I can't wait till he/it gets here...

Happy the books arrived safely..I do believe you are going to enjoy them. :-)

This is fun isn't it..


Mayden's Voyage said...

And more hugs to you friend :)