Friday, March 16, 2007


I love cheez-its and combos, they are both totally artifical, despite their claims of being made from REAL cheese. I don't think so...but honestly, I don't care.

It's great when Easter rolls around, because all the GOOD jelly beans appear on the supermarket shelves. I LOVE jelly beans, but they have to be good ones...the cheapo ones don't do a thing for me.

I heard an old 70's song on the XM just now..Patches by Clarence Carter. Wow...

I'm excited about our upcoming vacation to California in May. I bought us 2 tickets to Cali and surprised my hubs for Valentines Day. We are flying to SFO and driving down to LA over 9 days. With Stops in Carmel, Hearst Castle and wherever else we feel like it. I've been to CA, but he hasn't so I am looking forward to playing tour guide a bit.

La Nina is forming...that means we could have another active Hurricane season...This causes us great distress. So much that we may finally buy that back-up generator that powers up the whole house even the a/c. Shit I am NOT looking forward to Hurricanes.

this is SO what it's like!!!



Serena Joy said...

I don't care if the cheese is fake, either. If it tastes like cheese, that's good enough for me. I'm not much of a jelly bean eater, but I LOVE Peeps. I don't see why we get them only at Easter. It ain't fair. Woo-hoo, you're going to CA! Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. Hopefully, there will be no hurricanes interrupting things.

littlebirdblue said...

Good Jelly Beans like Jelly Belly beans?

You know they released the Harry-Potter-inspired vomit and ear wax and other flavours--

I read an interview, in which the CEO was asked, "So...who's taste-testing the vomit beans?"

He replied that they experiment with new flavours all the time, some of which don't work out or catch on with the public. They used to have a 'pizza'-flavoured bean, and everybody kept saying, "This tastes like vomit."

Et, voila! Vomit-flavoured Jelly Beans.

Sean said...

i love black jelly beans. and combos with pepsi...:)

puerileuwaite said...

I like cheesy things too. Well, like your blog, for instance! (Okay, okay, I meant MY blog.)

I've been to California too many times, but have yet to visit Hearst Castle (despite being an Orson Welles / Citizen Kane fan). Take pictures and do a killer post on it.

leelee said...

Serena....Ya know they make peeps for every holiday now. You can find them in an assortment of shapes? How do I know this? I have a daughter who absolutely adores them. I see that she gets them whenever a candy giving holiday is upon us. Check this out:

I have a fun peeps story (don't we all?) When I was a youngster..perhaps 5th grade. My BFF and I went to the local shopping center (pre mall days) one day during easter vacation. We thought it would be awfully funny if we put a peep on the escalator of the department store. Well...we did it...we placed that lone peep on the bottom stair and watched in fits of giggles as it rode to the top..unaccompianied..what can I tell you...we were 10!

LBB....yes jelly belly's are excellent, thank I'll pass on the vomit flavor however...I don't care for "buttered popcorn" either...that could be puke flavored as well...YUK! I love any kind of pectin JB...really soft inside...yumm!

Sean.. I too am a lover of black JB's and in fact love all licorice products especially Allsorts.
Combo's and pepsi? don't think snackin' could get much better..great minds think alike. the backhanded snil=pe at my blog...oh're just kidding (wink wink)..No honestly, I know your blog is MUCH cheesier than mine.

I too have been to Cali many times but never have been to Hearst Castle. My hubs on the other hand has never been west of the Mississippi and I really want to get him in a travelling mode, you that we are empty nesters , or forever how long that lasts...I know he will enjoy all the sights and I will enjoy showing him. I'm putting together a great itinerary (resorting back to my Travel Agent days, when they would do all the planning for you) Should be fun!!! I plan on taking lots of photos and posting..don't know if it will be a "killer post" probably kinda cheesy ;-)